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Animated Angel

Animated POP Sign

This Animated Angel Decorative Sign is made using four strings of lights. The string for channel 1 has 100 lights. Gold, yellow, blue lights are used to form the halo, hair and robe of the angel. Three strings of 50 count, white (clear) lights are used to form the wings. The hole pattern is placed on a 40" x 30" white Coro-Plast back board. The Digital Light & Sign Controller turns channel 1 on (always) and outputs the channel sequence, 2,3,4,3,2,.....repeat, to the wing light strings. The user can change the speed and lamp brightness as needed.

The same concept can be applied to any type of sign where back and forth motion is desired like: birds; Tinkerbell; waving snowman; running reindeer; and so on.

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